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Apcalis Oral Jelly

Apcalis Oral Jelly

The product will be delivered in 8-13 business days (free shipping worldwide). Express delivery at extra cost within 4-7 days.

  • Apcalis Oral Jelly 20 mg
Produit Dosage Quantité Bonus Prix Commander
Apcalis Oral Jelly 20mg 7 Paquet € 83.00
Apcalis Oral Jelly 20mg 14 Paquet € 108.00
Apcalis Oral Jelly 20mg 21 Paquet € 136.00
Apcalis Oral Jelly 20mg 28 Paquet € 158.00
Apcalis Oral Jelly 20mg 56 Paquet € 253.00
Apcalis Oral Jelly 20mg 84 Paquet € 336.00

Drug information for Apcalis SX Oral Jelly:

You are interested in Apcalis SX Oral Jelly - you may select the following quantities with us:

Each Apcalis SX Oral Jelly 20 mg pack contains 7 sachets. You may order between 1 and 24 Apcalis SX Oral Jelly packs.

Tadalafil, the active ingredient in Apcalis SX, is offered with 7 flavors and starts working after 15-30 minutes.

What are Apcalis SX Oral Jelly sachets?

Apcalis SX Oral Jelly contains the active ingredient found in Cialis, Tadalafil Citrate. The strongest Cialis dosage of 20 mg is available in liquid form with 7 different flavors. It is easy to take and very discreet, like Cialis, with mint taste. Nobody will suspect that such small sachets are a male enhancement product. A lot of customers have problems with swallow pills anyway - a purposeful remedy can be acheived with Apcalis SX Oral Jelly.

The Cialis active ingredient works after just 15-30 minutes because the liquid reaches the blood circulation faster via oral mucosa and lasts between 24 and 36 hours. During this time you can expect erections that are triggered by sexual arousal. A faster erection of the penis after a short break is not rare. You may not expect priapism.

Sexual intercourse after taking Apcalis SX Oral Jelly will be intense and more satisfying than ever before.

How the ingredients in Apcalis SX Oral Jelly work:

The Apcalis SX Oral Jelly active ingredient is a PDE-5 inhibitor. With this active ingredient, the enzyme Phosphodiesterase is blocked and therefore more cGMP stays in circulation. This leads to muscle relaxation, an enhanced erection, and a fast blood flow to the erectile tissue will be enabled. The nitrogen monoxide transmitter will be released with sexual stimulation and this will additionally activate a second transmitter that lets the muscles relax in the erectile tissue again. This allows blood flow to the erection.

To be able to end the erection, cGMP and also the enzyme will once again be metabolized.

Side effects of Acalis

According studies, fewer side effects than with Viagra may occur with Apcalis SX Oral Jelly. Each person reacts to medications differently and so side effects can never be excluded from possibility. Allergic reactions may also occur, in which case you should consult your doctor. Common reactions to the medication are:

Muscle aches
Light spells of dizziness


7 Apcalis SX Oral Jelly sachets with different flavors per pack


Store at room temperature between 15 and 30 degrees Celsius. Protect against light and moisture. Please keep out of reach of children.

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